By: Kim Sealock


Ba Beep Ba Beeep.

An annoying buzz growing louder each minute.

Sleepy eyes peer into the dark basement room toward the obsessive beeping.

Barely making out the 7:32 before jutting up.


Racing around like the Flash, hoping to make good time.

Pajamas float to the floor like time had stood still,

pants are hopped on while racing to find a t-shirt.

Socks come next then shoes both put on while trying to get to the next place.

First t-shirt that is grabbed gets thrown on.

Throwing books into book bag,

trying to make a sandwich for lunch which ends up being bread with mustard on it

with Turkey, cheese and a pickle just thrown into the same bag to be constructed later.

Running military style with a 20lb book bag to the truck.

“This key never works.”

Trying to unlock a lock that like to stick.


Throwing everything into the front passenger seat.

Hopping into the driver’s seat. Searching for the pill.


Running like a marathon runner back into the house to quickly grab it off the counter.

“Cat get out of the house.”

Is shouted to the oblivious cat who peeks around the door.

Trying to sprint back to the truck with a cat weaving figure eights under foot.

Starts the engine, races like the Duke Brothers down a gravel road wishing it was the General Lee.

Finally on the road.

“It’s not that late.”

Now finally calm from the hectic race against the clock.

“Crap I forgot to brush my teeth.”