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Weekly Summary

Well this week started off good. I had taken my videos by Wednesday. Then I ran into the editing process and realized by the finished the 1st one that it was going to be a pain. But that wasn’t as bad as my computer taking forever to upload everything thing to Youtube. It took about an hour for each video to be uploaded to Youtube and before that about 30 minutes to get the videos to upload and save to movie maker. It’s now 2am and I have to be up for work at 5am. oops. lol


I didn’t get to any daily creates this week. However I did 3 assignments.

Arts and Craft Tutorial

Exercise and Socialize

Daily Routine


I posted a comment on Evan’s Weekly summary.

Weekly Summary – Week 10

I really like all the assignments this week I had a few others that I wanted to try to complete but with all the other things I had to do this week I didn’t have time. Though it was pretty awesome to work with even though I did come along a few mistakes a long the way.

Interesting week look forward to next week.



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Weekly Summary

This was a pretty cool week,

Best of the Best.

Daily Create 1748

Radio Show Broadcast.

Create Your Dream Room.

This was an interesting week. My thought process with these assignments this week was to show a bit of myself though my projects and really enjoyed Fridays daily create and the Create your Dream room assignment. because they let me show people about who I am. I also liked listening to all the radio shows. Well looking forward to next week.

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Weekly Summary

What a two weeks. It was super fun though. I really enjoyed creating our radio show Minuscule Stories. I’m really proud of how it turned out. Thanks a lot to my team mates. Alyssa and Maureen.

Here is our radio show.

Here’s my commercial. I decided to make my commercial on Twitter since it played such a big role in my finding my 6-10 word stories.

Here are my stories that I choose. I was really glad that I got a couple of answers to my shout out on twitter from our own ds106 students.


I really liked these in what, insight I was able to get from them.

This was my daily create.

I had a great time working on this with Alyssa and Maureen. I think we worked well as a team. I also created the logo for the show.

Radio Show Week 2

I think this and my radio show week one really explains how I felt about this project and how much I liked it.

Radio Show Progress

Well it was a really fun project and made me think what it would be like to be a radio show host and might be something that I would like to try at some point.



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Week 4 Summary

This was a fun week. I really learned a lot about audio editing and how sound really effects a story that we tell.

Audio Storytelling

These were my thoughts on Audio Storytelling. I really thought that the audio part was going to be harder than it thought it was.  Though overlaying sounds in Audacity is a bit time consuming but I felt like It worked out well.

Not A Normal Monday

I also had a wonderful time doing the Radio Bumper and thought that since this a a digital story telling class that it would be could to have a bumper that reflected the creativity.

Radio Bumper

Another assignment I had a fun time with was the Rooty Tooty talk of the West. I read one of my own poems that I thought lent it’s self well to the speech. It was also brought to my attention by Professor Bond that it might also be interesting with sound effects or music in the background.

Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

The Assignment for can’t get it out of my head was fun also. Though it did end up making my throat hurt from trying to whistle the song right. And it also seems to be having some difficulties loading right on the blog when I posted it my soundcloud post came up but I went back to check it and it blogged the blog post with no soundcloud piece in it. I’ll mess around with it and see if i can’t figure it out.

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

Another assignment I did was what a song means to me. The song I choose is very close to me, and I sometimes use it as my stress relief anthem.

“Looking Too Closely”

The daily creates were also fun to do this week. Though I don’t think that I completely understood what a ClickBaitSyllabus was even after looking up many examples.

Daily Create #1716

Daily Create #1718

Daily Create #1720

The Brainstorming Ideas for a radio show was probably the most difficult for me I sorta totally blanked and couldn’t think of ideas though I did manage to come up with three.


So over all a pretty engaging week. Looking forward to next weeks adventures in Digital Storytelling.

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Week 2 Summary

Well this week was a little hectic for me trying to juggle so many things at once I haven’t felt like I had a moment to myself all week. That aside the work for the class this week was every intriguing. I have learned that I need to work on my time management a bit more and will try to do better in the intimidate future.

I’m really enjoying the Daily Create’s

I thought the concept of Web 2.0 Story telling was interesting and was intrigue though I’m still a little uncertain what I truly think about it. Though I am eager to start being creative as much as I can on the cites that we have here.

Web 2.0

Internet 46 made me really think about how my Grandmother feels with not being able to use a lot of the technology that is around today and how it must be alienating to her and how she might be thinking that the technology and the internet can be seen as something from a dystopian universe.

Internet 46

I like the idea of having all these little assignments to do during the week I think that they are really useful for getting the creative process started.

Letter to Mom

Well looking forward to all the creativity and excitement of next week.