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Week 6 Summary


This was an interesting week. I’m am immersing myself with the radio show coming up to be completed. I’m excited to see if the idea that I had is going work out the way I want it too or is it going to be a pain in the way that it is seeming that it might want to be. ┬áMy group mates are awesome and very understanding since we all have massively busy schedules but we’re getting it done. Slowly but surely and on my part this week a little late.

I’m super excited about the radio and am looking forward to hearing the finished product.

Anyway this week was focused on the start up of our shows and here is my post about how the 1st radio show week went.

Radio Show Progress

Also came up with a bumper sticker though though much fiddling it still didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.

Design Project

Assignments for this week got me a bit and unfortunately I ran out of time to complete the whole number of them. Between a test, essay, 2 quizzes, a birthday and having to be at work before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. Anyway I did do a couple.

Remake that Genre

I thought this assignment was cool because I tend to sometime like remakes over the originals. In this case it’s a big difference for me.

Make ’em Laugh

This was also a fun assignment in the way that I was able to use the language that I’m studying here at umw and use it besides in just the class room. I was trying a few times to get some background music in there but it wasn’t going well and I gave up. Maybe next week when I have a little bit more time I can fiddle with it and hopefully be able to figure it out before the completion of the radio show.

Radio Show Bumper Sticker

I left what I hope is a construstive comment on this post in hopes that some one.

Well looking forward to hopefully being able to hear all the different radio shows at the end of next week.


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Weekly Summary

This week has been a stressful one. I started out with some computer complications. So once the week progressed and I finally got my computer fixed and trying to get everything done and it took me a while to figure out how to do somethings. But once I got started and was able to figure stuff out I really started to enjoy it. It has started to open my mind into the possibilities of using the internet to promote myself creatively. I then started to realizes that my favorite authors that I have started following recently and I have noticed more and more of how they promote themselves online.

Here I am

I learned a lot this week trying to figure out how to make a domain and get everything squared away. I like being able to share a piece of my daily life and what was going though my mind at the time. My favorite thing to do this week was the Youtube introduction.

I also liked doing the flickr intro which I connected with my YouTube intro.

Bear Smashed

I’m not to fond of twitter because it’s too brief and I tend to be a little long winded at times.

It was harder than I expected to be able to get the blog up and registered on the cite. Once I got that all squared away I was good. I also am unsure of what to do with soundcloud. Though I have some what figured out how to use it I not particularly sure of what to use it for that the other sites can be used for.

I like the concept of everything that I learned this week. I feel a little bit better with social media now. all I ever had was a facebook page and now being on so many different sites make me feel a bit better in the way that I might be able to get my creative works out there even more and to learn how to promote myself.

the Show your work article helped me in the sense that I really do need to start promoting myself creatively and why not start on social media.

Show Your Work

All in all I think this class is going to help me in the long run into be able to get comfortable with putting myself out there and becoming more open to letting people in and showing them my work.