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Final Project Progress 1

So for my final project I want to use the four categories of video, audio, visual and writing to complete this project.  I want to take a story or a poem of my own and tell it though different mediums.

I thinking that I’m going to combined all theses into a video of sorts. I will start out with writing scrolling up the screen, then go to some photos that coincide with the story while there will be a sound effects track that will start it then there will be a video with sound effects. There will be a transition with more writing scrolling up the screen and pictures with more of a video afterward.

I think this will be a challenge because there will be a massive amount of editing going into it.

I’m not sure if I would be able to combine it all into a video and still have it remain as the four categories. I also think that I can make it make sense by breaking it up in a way that they all have their separate piece but can be combined to tell one story.