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Best of the Best.

Suns, Only Abstract

I thought this post shows a lot of talent and is one of the best. I like how Evan take the assignment of Shinny like Silk and puts his own twist on it. Also making it show who Evan is as a person too with his interest in astronomy, sci-fi etc. came out in this project. I think this deserves recognition as one of the best because not only does it meet the assignment it also shows the viewer more of who Evan is as a person.


Sound Effects Story

I thought this was a good sound effects story and should be considered for one of the best because it shows great thought about a car crash. With the screeching tires and the scream and the sirens of the ambulance coming.

Create A Silly Movie Poster

I think this one should also be considered for the best of the best because it shows a clever talent for placing together the so different movies that have closely related titles. I like how the poster shows mixes together the two different themes of the movies together. Not only does it incorporate the two movies but also makes it silly too.