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Make ’em Laugh

I’m currently taking German 201 and I thought that this joke was very punny as I like to call it. I choose this joke because I feel that a person who doesn’t speek German can still get the jist of it and might be able to get a laugh out of it.

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Remake that Genre


The genres are close to one another but I feel that the Pentatonix is in a different genre than the Imagines Dragons is more Alternative Rock and Pentatonix is considered more of a Pop genre though I feel that since they are an accapella group brings more of the sound of a different genre to the song.

Also I like the Pentatonix version of the song because there are more interesting harmonies. Also with only the use of a few instruments and the rest of the music being produced with their voices brings a whole other level to the song and it songs more haunting and they make the listener feel the song as opposed to just hearing it.

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“Looking Too Closely”

This is the assignment about what a song means to you. I choose “Looking too Closely” by Fink.

And here is my soundcloud speech about what it means to me.


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Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

I’m going to to a reading of one of my own poems that I wrote. It lends itself to the speech well with some of the similes that are used. Though I think that it might have come across more southern in my recording than Western but I’ve always felt like those two are really close in dialects.  Here is the poem that I wrote.


By: Kim Sealock

I can tell you it didn’t hurt

as much as I thought it would.


What hurt was when the doc

plunged his forceps deep into my shoulder.

The laudanum didn’t

dull the pain.

I could feel the cold forceps

fumbling and shaking deep

inside my fevered body;

never quite grasping the bullet.

Until finally with luck

the doc gripped the bullet

and tugged it up, with the same force

as an eager child tugs on the rope,

when trying to win a game of Tug-of War.


I screamed as the iron slug

tore its way out

the same way it had entered.

I wasn’t the only one screaming

there in that tent.

Billy Joe Williamson

is screaming as a needle binds his skin together.

Bobby Johnson

is screaming as the saw makes its way through his bone,

with the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

Patrick Smith

is screaming because he sees the light

and can’t remember how many Hail Mary’s he was supposed to say.

There were many others screaming

from our regiment.


My screaming stopped briefly

once the slug had been freed

from the muscled home

it had made itself.

The doc set my skin on fire

with whiskey in my open wound,

it hurt like a thousand tiny devils

trying to rip every nerve in two.


The doc bandaged me up

I shrugged on my grey jacket

grabbed my musket

and wobbled out of the tent.

The doc yelled at me to take it easy.

I buttoned my Virginia buttons

and told him colonels never quit.



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Can you guess this song?



This was a fun assignment to do. I got to whistle one of my favorite songs and people get to guess what song it is. I choose this song because it’s one of my favorites that always gets stuck in my head and also I use it to get other songs that might get stuck in my head that might be annoying out of my head and it works great. I have a friend who this whole week was determined to get .”I Feel Pretty” stuck in my head but I would go into singing this song and “I Feel Pretty” would be out of my head.

This is an update I had tried to embed it before and it looked like it worked at first then it just showed that I embedded the post itself I’m not sure what happened I will still try to embed it here again. but any way there is a link to the clip above.

Can you guess this song?


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Not A Normal Monday

This is my sound effects story.

My thought process for this one was what would make the best story and I was going to do a break up scene but then I decided to show a women going about her daily routine before she got into a car crash.

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Radio Bumper

The Radio Bumper assignment was fun to do. Made me think that it would be kinda cool to be apart of a radio show. I recorded the bumper in Audacity then uploaded it to sound cloud. Well here it is.