Weekly Summary

Well this week started off good. I had taken my videos by Wednesday. Then I ran into the editing process and realized by the finished the 1st one that it was going to be a pain. But that wasn’t as bad as my computer taking forever to upload everything thing to Youtube. It took about an hour for each video to be uploaded to Youtube and before that about 30 minutes to get the videos to upload and save to movie maker. It’s now 2am and I have to be up for work at 5am. oops. lol


I didn’t get to any daily creates this week. However I did 3 assignments.

Arts and Craft Tutorial

Exercise and Socialize

Daily Routine


I posted a comment on Evan’s Weekly summary.

Weekly Summary – Week 10

I really like all the assignments this week I had a few others that I wanted to try to complete but with all the other things I had to do this week I didn’t have time. Though it was pretty awesome to work with even though I did come along a few mistakes a long the way.

Interesting week look forward to next week.