Week 4 Summary

This was a fun week. I really learned a lot about audio editing and how sound really effects a story that we tell.

Audio Storytelling

These were my thoughts on Audio Storytelling. I really thought that the audio part was going to be harder than it thought it was.  Though overlaying sounds in Audacity is a bit time consuming but I felt like It worked out well.

Not A Normal Monday

I also had a wonderful time doing the Radio Bumper and thought that since this a a digital story telling class that it would be could to have a bumper that reflected the creativity.

Radio Bumper

Another assignment I had a fun time with was the Rooty Tooty talk of the West. I read one of my own poems that I thought lent it’s self well to the speech. It was also brought to my attention by Professor Bond that it might also be interesting with sound effects or music in the background.

Rooty Tooty Speech of the West

The Assignment for can’t get it out of my head was fun also. Though it did end up making my throat hurt from trying to whistle the song right. And it also seems to be having some difficulties loading right on the blog when I posted it my soundcloud post came up but I went back to check it and it blogged the blog post with no soundcloud piece in it. I’ll mess around with it and see if i can’t figure it out.

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

Another assignment I did was what a song means to me. The song I choose is very close to me, and I sometimes use it as my stress relief anthem.

“Looking Too Closely”

The daily creates were also fun to do this week. Though I don’t think that I completely understood what a ClickBaitSyllabus was even after looking up many examples.

Daily Create #1716

Daily Create #1718

Daily Create #1720

The Brainstorming Ideas for a radio show was probably the most difficult for me I sorta totally blanked and couldn’t think of ideas though I did manage to come up with three.


So over all a pretty engaging week. Looking forward to next weeks adventures in Digital Storytelling.