Week 2 Summary

Well this week was a little hectic for me trying to juggle so many things at once I haven’t felt like I had a moment to myself all week. That aside the work for the class this week was every intriguing. I have learned that I need to work on my time management a bit more and will try to do better in the intimidate future.

I’m really enjoying the Daily Create’s

I thought the concept of Web 2.0 Story telling was interesting and was intrigue though I’m still a little uncertain what I truly think about it. Though I am eager to start being creative as much as I can on the cites that we have here.

Web 2.0

Internet 46 made me really think about how my Grandmother feels with not being able to use a lot of the technology that is around today and how it must be alienating to her and how she might be thinking that the technology and the internet can be seen as something from a dystopian universe.

Internet 46

I like the idea of having all these little assignments to do during the week I think that they are really useful for getting the creative process started.

Letter to Mom

Well looking forward to all the creativity and excitement of next week.