Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

Though you are really my Grandmother I love you like you would be my real Mom you raised me and did everything in your power to make me happy and teach me how to be a proper young lady. You had raised my Dad and my Uncle and were 50 years old when you took on raising me as well after my birth mother left. I love you so much and it hurts to think that one day I won’t have there for me any longer. I always try to make you happy though we might not always get along. We’re always there for one another. Though I moved out of the house last year I still make sure to spot by and see you every day, to help you when I can. I’m sorry that I get annoyed at you more often than I should I always make a point to before I leave no matter how angry I am to always tell you Goodbye, I love you and that I’ll see you tomorrow.  I want to be able to give you back all the love and support that you gave me and to try and make you happy anyway I can. I wish I had magic so that I could give you all the things that you want. Sadly I’m not and it hurts me to see you disappointed. I’m trying hard to get our little ice cream parlor to have the flavors black raspberry and Belgian chocolate as their flavors of the day again so this time I can get you your very own cone because you liked the couple licks that you took of mine so much and I regret not going back and getting you one of your own that day. I knew I should have but you insisted that you didn’t want one though you tried to go back and get it again when they didn’t have it and was disappointed when it wasn’t what you wanted. Hopefully soon they will have it back for you.

I love you Momma.