It’s done!!! Final Project/ Weekly Summary

So with my final project I used the mediums of photography, writing, video and audio.

The Writing is a poem that I have written about being late.


The video. I acted out the poem as a video and added music to it to create the idea of being late.

The Audio- I used Audiacy to record myself reading the poem. After that I found sound effect on to be able to enhance the poem though the sounds that would be made in the poem it’s self.

The Photography- I took photos and edited them into a slideshow to be able to show them off better.


So to reflect.

This was a fun project to do. At first I wanted to incorporate all the mediums into one video but was advised against it. So I decided that I wanted to tell the same story through all the different mediums. This was a bit of a challenge for me because I see a lot of movement in the poem. The easiest and yet the most time consuming part was the videos. I had to get a take that was just right. I took probably about 40 different videos before I got the ones that I needed.

The Audio wasn’t as bad as I had first thought it would be when as when I was first introduced to it.

The pictures was difficult one and I still don’t think that I incorporated enough, also a little nervous that making them into a slideshow of sorts in a youtube will count as video.

All in all, I really like the experience in making a piece  of writing to come to life in different mediums. At one time I wanted to be a director of movies and a writer. When I went to Shenandoah University for a semester I gave up on the director idea because every one was more into it than I was. I really just wanted to write, but as a writer who sometimes acts out a scene in my living room before writing it down on paper. I really enjoyed seeing one of my piece come to life in multiple different way. It has also made me want to recreate a few more pieces of my work.







2 thoughts on “It’s done!!! Final Project/ Weekly Summary

    I very much like this. It’s different from other projects I’ve been looking at (where a story is usually told across media) and I think that makes yours unique. Building on the same story through different forms continues to add depth, and definitely works well with poetry. Well done!

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