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So for my final project I want to use the four categories of video, audio, visual and writing to complete this project.  I want to take a story or a poem of my own and tell it though different mediums.

I thinking that I’m going to combined all theses into a video of sorts. I will start out with writing scrolling up the screen, then go to some photos that coincide with the story while there will be a sound effects track that will start it then there will be a video with sound effects. There will be a transition with more writing scrolling up the screen and pictures with more of a video afterward.

I think this will be a challenge because there will be a massive amount of editing going into it.

I’m not sure if I would be able to combine it all into a video and still have it remain as the four categories. I also think that I can make it make sense by breaking it up in a way that they all have their separate piece but can be combined to tell one story.

7 thoughts on “Final Project Progress 1

    I agree with this assignment being a challenge but I like your start! can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Katie Melhuish
    on said:

    I also want to put all of my different medias into a video at the end just so the transition is nice and easy. I’m just worried that it will be considered as only one media since everything is in a video.

    That’s a great idea! if you tell your story using different mediums at the same time rather than one by one you could make it part of your story. The character could be making a video then record audio for a reason that goes along with the plot.

    You should leave the story in separate pieces rather than edit it down into one video. Different media have different strengths. You can make use of that. For example, when they put letters or diaries in movies, it never works as well as if you had the text in your hands. Telling the same story through different media is a very interesting idea. You could use a kind of Rashomon effect to have the different version play off each other.

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