Design Project


This is the bumper sticker that I created for our radio show. I have also changed the name of the group to Minuscule Stories. I thought this would make a good bumper sticker for our show because it advertises not only our show but also the radio’s name. and what Minuscule Stories is actually about.

My process behind this one was I knew I wanted an interesting background and had the perfect pair of jogging pants for the background. I originally wanted the text to be a bright light blue but couldn’t get that to show up the way I wanted it to so went with a yellow. Though I’m not completely happy with it and think that it could be a little more creative. But unfortunately for me I am have a creative block today. Maybe soon I’ll get a more creative idea and re-post.

3 thoughts on “Design Project

    Amber Froney
    on said:

    I really like the background of your bumper sticker. It looks really awesome! I did find myself squinting at the lettering a little because the yellow was a little harsh on my eyes, but it made it look really cool too! Good job!

    Reagan Hotz
    on said:

    I like the background and the colors, however this bumper sticker is difficult to read. I would suggest blurring the background and changing the font to something heavier.

    Wow! It looks like you put in a lot of work into this bumper! It looks really intriguing. I like it!

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