Audio Storytelling

My very first thought about audio storytelling was kinda odd, and something that I hadn’t really thought about before then I started thinking that audio storytelling is actually the oldest form of story telling. Though now with all the technological advances we have it’s a bit more interesting than a someone just sitting and telling an audience a story with the limited sound effects. Now there is no limit to the sound effects that can be used to create an image though sound. In “Moon Graffiti” I noticed myself listening to the silence in between their talking at 12:20-13:15. Not only did it create a sense of peace as they are getting ready to come up to the end of their lives it also makes it feel realistic because there is no sound in space so having the only sound be them talking makes it seem way more realistic. There is also music around 5:03-6:18 that creates a eerie feeling and gives the listener a sense that they are about to enter the unknown.

Also in the “Limetown” story the sound effects help create the suspense in the show. ┬áSome of my tweets in the live tweet along were mostly about how the sounds were used.

I also notice when the sounds wasn’t quite in sync with the story for instance when she was talking to the first survivor and they were suppose to be in a hotel room the way it sounded seem more like a kitchen and living room in a house instead of a hotel room.

I have found audio storytelling really interesting this week because it’s also something that I hadn’t really thought of as a mode to tell stories even though it is the first mode that we tell stories by. So it was interesting to me to see how much can go into audio storytelling from just someone speaking a story to having it be like you’re watching a movie but with your eyes closed because you can hear whats going on then picture it in your minds eye. I ended up for both stories either closing my eyes or just staring out into space to be able to see the images that were being presented though sound.