Hey there everyone. My name is Kim Sealock. I live in Amissville VA. which is in the middle of nowhere. I have cats though I really want a dog though at the moment my schedule won’t allow me to have one; along with my landlord but I’m hoping to change his mind once I graduate UMW. I enjoy all things Celtic and Medieval though I’ve never been to a Renaissance festival though I really want to go to one. I work at a coffeehouse and though I don’t drink as much coffee as some would think maybe about 2 cups a week. Every Wednesday night I go to my Dad’s house and we and a few friends of our will play horseshoes and my horseshoe partner and I are the champs. I’ve been trying to talk my Dad into getting us metals but he refuses. I often on my days off take my Grandmother (who I call Momma) grocery shopping, out to eat or to the doctors sometimes all of them on the same day. Anyway there is a little peek into my life. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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