Month: October 2016

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Remake that Genre


The genres are close to one another but I feel that the Pentatonix is in a different genre than the Imagines Dragons is more Alternative Rock and Pentatonix is considered more of a Pop genre though I feel that since they are an accapella group brings more of the sound of a different genre to the song.

Also I like the Pentatonix version of the song because there are more interesting harmonies. Also with only the use of a few instruments and the rest of the music being produced with their voices brings a whole other level to the song and it songs more haunting and they make the listener feel the song as opposed to just hearing it.

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Design Project


This is the bumper sticker that I created for our radio show. I have also changed the name of the group to Minuscule Stories. I thought this would make a good bumper sticker for our show because it advertises not only our show but also the radio’s name. and what Minuscule Stories is actually about.

My process behind this one was I knew I wanted an interesting background and had the perfect pair of jogging pants for the background. I originally wanted the text to be a bright light blue but couldn’t get that to show up the way I wanted it to so went with a yellow. Though I’m not completely happy with it and think that it could be a little more creative. But unfortunately for me I am have a creative block today. Maybe soon I’ll get a more creative idea and re-post.

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Radio Show Progress

We’ve got a lot in the progress. I have put out a shout out to ds106 on Twitter for some 6-10 words stories of their own for our show. I also am going to do a blog post asking for 6-10 word stories on here in case people didn’t see it on Twitter. We haven’t thought about commercials yet but will in the upcoming week. We have started to look at other 6-10 word story channels on Twitter.

So my plan for this radio show is to go though and read a bunch of different 6-10 word stories. We are also working on our promos. What needs to be found and made is our radio bumpers and music to use as a transition between the stories that we do find. I’m thinking we’ll need anywhere between 20 and 40 stories to be able to make the time limit of the show. I also think that each story should be told between us all alternating between the three of us reading a story.

I think we have an alright start going into it and hopefully we can get and have a great show going in.